Exercise Against Cancer

Guided Exercise to Help the Fight
woman stretching on her living room floor
Exercise is one of the best ways to help in our fight against cancer, as it can promote overall wellbeing by giving you more energy, reducing stress, and lifting your mood. Many of the targeted cancer therapies designed to destroy cancer cells are very aggressive and can make you feel weak, fatigued, and depressed. But guided exercise will help you maintain your independence and prevent muscle weakness before, during, and after cancer treatment.

Regular exercise can help cancer patients by:

Helping your body and brain work better

Reducing fatigue

Helping improve depression and anxiety

Improving sleep quality

Increasing muscle strength, bone health, and mobility

Strengthening the immune system

Increasing appetite

Decreasing the chance that some types of cancer will come back

Reducing treatment side effects

How Can We Help?
Choice Health at Home provides one-on-one skilled therapy professionals who are experts in guided exercise to help fight cancer and can also assist in the transition to a community based program. Contact us today for more information about Exercise Against Cancer.