Neck and Spine Recovery

Female nurse bending down to talk with senior patient in wheelchair as they look out the window
Neck and back pain can be very debilitating, especially for older adults with complicated health problems. At Choice Health at Home, we are focused on reducing pain and improving function while meeting our clients in their own homes to improve their comfort and privacy. Whether you are considering surgery or trying to prevent the need for it, we have services to meet your needs and promote healing. Because everyone recovers from neck and spine injuries differently, it’s important to hire a qualified in-home aide, especially if they have more complex needs such as co-occurring chronic illness.

How Home Health Can Promote Recovery from Neck and Spine Pain

An aide can help support a neck or spine pain patient by:

Being compassionate: Coping with neck or spine pain or recovering from surgery on these areas can make most everyday tasks challenging if not impossible. A kind, supportive, and caring elder care provider can help their client heal through an emotionally difficult time.

Minimizing injury risks: Home Health providers are skilled at minimizing the risk of falls by assessing the home for fall hazards and addressing common problems that lead to falls. Learn more about fall prevention strategies here.

Ensuring that the doctor’s orders are followed: No matter the type of medical treatment or surgery your loved one needs, it’s important they follow their doctor’s orders regarding any instructions about bending, lifting, taking medication, and completing physical therapy.

How Can We Help?
As serious as neck or back pain can be, aides are able to help elderly individuals live a better quality of life. Contact us to learn more.