Stroke Recovery

Skilled Home Care for Stroke Survivors
Female nurse assisting senior man traverse his home

At Choice Health at Home, we understand the struggle faced by stroke survivors, and our team prides itself on providing specialized post-stroke care for more effective in-home rehabilitation. Stroke survivors typically need assistance regaining function and mobility they lost as a result of their stroke.  We will focus on helping you recover your full potential while providing key education to help prevent additional complications and events after a stroke. Surviving a stroke is good news, but there is often a long road to recovery after leaving the hospital.

Transitioning from the hospital back home may not be easy for all seniors but being prepared and informed can make all the difference in the outcome. You can help with discharge planning by being honest and helping the staff identify any areas of concern. As they return home, make sure you continue to monitor their condition. Changes in eating, communication, and mood stability are post-stroke common complications. Even simple tasks like brushing teeth, bathing, or using the toilet may become challenging.

How Can We Help?
The support a stroke survivor needs is a phone call away. Contact Choice Health at Home for further information about how home care assistance helps stroke survivors live happier, healthier lives in the comfort of home.