Pain Prevention and Control

How In-Home Care Helps Seniors with Chronic Pain
Female nurse assisting senior woman moving about her home.

Millions of Americans suffer from pain, and the National Institute of Health (NIH) estimates about two-thirds of seniors over the age of 65 have chronic pain. In many of these adults, pain can be better managed or controlled.

Nobody wants to live with chronic pain, but a clinician can help you learn how to cope and accept treatment. Our trained, compassionate clinicians at Choice Health at Home are able to anticipate their client’s wants and needs to effectively determine a good pain management regimen. For example, our clinicians are attentive to verbal and visual pain cues such as labored breathing, atypical body motions, or behavioral changes that could indicate discomfort.

An in-home clinician can improve pain management through the following:

Medication management: Proper pain management usually involves prescription medication, and our elder care services include medication supervision and administration.

Watching for side effects: Medications often have side effects that can impact comfort and safety. A home care aide will observe symptoms and suggest additional safety measures.

Giving emotional support: Lack of socialization is a huge problem for elderly individuals. Senior care can help them pass the time more pleasantly, especially if they have chronic pain.

Helping around the home: Home aides can assist with cleaning and cooking, as well as personal care services such as dressing, grooming, and toileting.

Providing respite care for primary caregivers: Caring for your elderly loved one can be physically demanding and emotionally exhausting. You can take advantage of respite care to take time for yourself and reduce any strain in the family relationship.

Because pain alters the way you experience life, proper medical care is necessary. Our team at Choice Health at Home works closely with our patients’ physicians to ensure proper care to decrease pain, maximize ability levels, and improve quality of life.

How Can We Help?
Pain doesn’t have to control your life. Contact Choice Health at Home to learn more about how our clinicians approach pain prevention and control.