Rehabilitative Therapy and Strengthening

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Female therapist working with woman at home to improve upper body strength
At Choice Health at Home, we consider our rehabilitation services, such as physical therapy, a key priority. We provide in-home therapy services in the comfort of patients’ homes, including pysical, occupational, and speech therapy therapies are all core services we provide in the comfort of your home. These professionals work under the direction of your loved one’s physician to help them regain independence. They may also consult with other members of the home health team, such as nurses, home aides, and caregivers. The entire team works together to promote better engagement in daily living.

What Is Home Health Therapy and How Does it Help the Elderly?

Some of the benefits of in-home rehab include:

No transportation necessary: A serious drawback of going to a rehab facility is that seniors have to worry about who will take them back and forth from their appointments. Because home care providers come to your loved one’s home, there’s no need for them to look for transportation arrangements.

Peace, quiet, and familiarity of home: There’s no place like home when it comes to recuperating. Physical therapy centers can be noisy and crowded, and the unfamiliar surroundings can be especially challenging for an older adult.

More personalized care: It’s more likely that a rehabilitation expert at a rehab facility has more patients than an in-home therapist does. This allows them to provide more personalized care with fewer distractions.

Privacy: In-home rehab allows your loved one to perform exercises in the peace and quiet of their own home.

Home Care & Rehabilitation Services for the Elderly

Senior adults can often improve their strength, coordination, and stamina with the help of a skilled rehabilitation expert. They will encourage your loved on to get physical activity they need to remain strength and improve their lives while recovering from any injury or mobility concern. The workouts will never be too strenuous or cause any further health complications, especially because our therapists work directly with your loved one’s doctor to come up with a plan. Our therapists also build up steadily to more challenging exercises once their patients have better endurance.

Advantages of having physical therapy at home include the guarantee of one-on-one care from your qualified therapist, eliminating the need to travel for care, and learning rehabilitation stretches and exercises you can continue to do on your own after your therapist leaves. Exercises are specifically customized to improve balance, strength, and endurance while preventing any future falls.

How Can We Help?
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