Medication Management Training

Choice Health at Home Offers Medication Safety Advice for Seniors
Closeup of senior filling a weekly pill case with medication.

For medication to work as it should, it must be taken as directed. That includes getting refills filled on time and being alert to any side effects and drug interactions. Nearly 40% of older adults take at least 5 medications per day, making it necessary to have a solid medication management strategy in place so taking medication is just as routine as brushing their teeth or combing their hair. This is very important as a home aide for an elderly person who cannot manage their own medication needs, possibly due to a cognitive impairment like dementia.

Improper medication use can cause negative symptoms and side effects that could potentially lead to hospitalization. For example, if an elderly adult accidentally doubles up on one of their pills, it could cause dizziness, which could lead to a potentially dangerous fall injury. Medication management services help educate the patient on proper dosage, frequency, and side effects, and make taking medicine part of their everyday routine as expected as taking a shower.

Does My Loved One Need Medication Management Services?

Your loved one may benefit from medication management if they:

Take 3+ medications per day

Take medication 2 or more times per day

Have a chronic condition like heart disease, COPD, osteoporosis, diabetes, or cancer

Require assistance with daily activities

They have medication that must be refrigerated

Have concerns about complications if medication is not taken correctly

Need help making a detailed medication list to carry to doctor’s appointments

How Choice Health at Home Helps

You want to avoid mistakes when it comes to medication management. Medication management with Choice Health at Home allows families to feel more confident that their loved one’s medicine is taken as prescribed. Not taking medication as prescribed can lead to discomfort at best and death at worst. We are here to help with the important, but the often complicated task of medication management. If you are overwhelmed with the duty of caregiving for your loved one and keeping track of their medication regimen, let us help. Our compassionate, qualified team from Choice Health at Home is experienced with medication management strategies. We can teach you and your loved ones about how to keep your loved one’s medication on track through proven, effective medication management strategies.

How Can We Help?
Our compassionate team from Choice Health at Home is experienced in medication management and can teach you and your loved ones about how to keep their medication on track. Contact us to learn more.