Total Joint Recovery

What to Expect After Total Joint Replacement Surgery
Female nurse providing soup to senior woman recovering in bed.
Healthy joints allow you to move, reach, bend, and walk, all of which are necessary to everyday life. As we age, the joints may become worn down through wear and tear, and your doctor will recommend total joint replacement so you can heal and get out of pain. You didn’t commit to an aggressive medical treatment like total hip, knee, or shoulder replacement surgery just to sit around post-recovery. At Choice Health at Home, our therapists and nurses want to help you get back on your feet and enjoying life. Our focus is on providing you with hands-on therapy and guidance. We want to see you out and about in a few weeks with a big smile and good memories of your recovery period.

Help Through Recovery

Recuperating at home is often a safe, viable alternative to recovering at a rehabilitation facility. For one thing, it’s much more comfortable to be around the familiarity of home while facing a long road to recovery. During recovery from total joint replacement surgery, even simple tasks may seem challenging. Our in-home therapists and expert team are here to help. We offer medication reminders, pain management techniques, encourage prescribed physical therapy regimes, and help maintain good nutrition and proper hydration for health and healing.

Rehabilitative therapy is also required to ensure the best function of your new prosthetic joint. You’ll likely need to use an assistive device, like a cane or crutches, until you’re ready to support your entire body weight on your own. You’ll need to take care of your new joint once the initial recovery period ends. You should set practical goals with your physical therapist to ensure you can bend and straighten the affected limb.

Recovery takes time, patience, and effort. You must continue physical and rehabilitative therapy as recommended and fuel your body properly with healthy food. Plenty of water and rest are also helpful in recovery. If you pain levels increase, get in touch with your doctor’s office right away.

How Can We Help?
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